Last year students designed and built an Oculus and a Camera Obscura, measuring 8ft in diameter and 15 ft tall, the structure is made using a simple 2×4 lumber frame clad internally and externally with Douglas fir veneer from Rosoboro Lumber. It exploits the foreground, distant and sky views of the South Ridge and valley views beyond.

Throughout our investigation we looked at memory, means of re-appropriation and what this means in a forest. How can the re-appropriation of wood into a forest be interpreted? How can the reworking of multiples once ‘of the forest’ be re-initiated?

-Studio began at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts in Eugene

-Had talks from artists, architects, creators and thinkers

-Looked at examples of marking the landscape by artists and architects

-Looked at forest buildings, the interplay of rivers and forests and opportunities for mapping

-Set up camp in the forest

-Visited Rosboro Lumber mill

-Designed and built an insertion into the forest:

-A camera obscura and oculus clad with waste from our mill visit

-The final evening saw us toasting our successes with a feast in the forest

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved.

What a fantastic 10 days we had!



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